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Understanding Lag and Why it happens

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by DefianceCoding, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Apr 18, 2017
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    Hello everyone, I'm here to explain what lag is in minecraft, spigot(Server Software) and your computer.

    Computer Lag
    Computer lag can happen when your pc specs aren't high enough to withstand some games

    Things to factor into a PC's specs

    CPU (Central Processing Unit)
    GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
    Ram also known as memory (Random Acceptable Memory)
    HDD/SSD (HDD = Hard Drive Device and SSD = Solid State Drive)
    OS (What kind of Operating System You Have)

    the lovely people over at CanYouRun it have a tool to tell you what your specs are and allow you to see if your computer can run a game


    For better FPS seekers in minecraft, feel free to download Optifine over at http://www.optifine.net/downloads

    Now to explain PC Lag,

    The CPU
    The CPU has an important job in processing code into readable things that a user can see but not everything. A CPU's job is to process code from a computer and process that into 1's and 0's
    1 Means the current is on 0 means the current is off. and doing this efficiently.

    The GPU
    The GPU or Graphics Card is used to process a lot of graphical based items such as your windows graphical system. without graphics, we wouldn't have things like windows 10, we would be doing everything in a command prompt and have to type out everything we wanted to do.

    The Ram
    The ram has a VERY important job, when you try loading a program it will store some of the program in ram so the game can run smoothly, the more ram you have, the more processes can be stored there, typically a windows OS will use 1GB of ram for 32 (x86) Bit Operating Systems, and 2GB for 64 (x64) Bit operating systems.

    The HDD/SSD
    HDD Stands for Hard Drive Disk or Hard Drive Device and SSD stands for Solid State Drive.

    So how does this play a part in a PC?
    When you want to save anything data related, these drives can store all things needed, but the tricky thing is, its REALLY slow at doing things (HDDs) and this is why the need for more ram came around, things on the hard drive are meant to be there for accessibility and convenience of saving everything so you can use your computer as much as you need without losing all your data from previous sessions.
    But the question is why can't we just use ram to store all data? well ram is something called Volatile memory, where as soon as there isn't any power to the computer, it clears EVERYTHING from its drives making it impossible to store things.

    SSD's on the other hand have become fast enough to keep up with ram, even though still slower then ram, SSD's can make processes a lot faster.

    How to solve PC LAG

    Sometimes the only answer to this question is to upgrade to better parts, but ill be giving everyone things they can do to make sure they have the BEST performance they can out of their current setup

    First things first, lets check your performance now
    If you are windows user you can use Task Manager
    what were looking for is

    Nothing running
    - Low CPU %
    - Low Memory usage (MEMORY = RAM)
    - Moderate to low disk usage
    - Ethernet/Wifi doesn't matter

    Games running
    - Moderate-High CPU Usage (minecraft uses alot of CPU)
    - Moderate Memory Usage (varies between users, and how much you have dedicated to minecraft)
    - Low to moderate Disk useage
    - Ethernet/Wifi doesn't matter

    Now Hard Drive Space/ Solid State Space
    On windows, open start menu and search THIS PC click on that
    if your hard drive has a red bar on it, (Your Main drive, Labeled with a (C:) ) then your computer will slow down A LOT

    Download this program and run it if its in the Red,

    otherwise HARD DRIVE USERS ONLY, windows users can do something called De-Fragment their drives,
    and i would suggest also running this, IF YOU RUN THIS ON A SOLID STATE DRIVE, IT CAN DIE

    Server Lag
    Server Lag is when you seem to jump back to where you were 2 seconds ago.
    there is no true way of fixing server lag on your end. Most cases it won't be on our end either.

    The way server lag happens is to notice your ping, Ping is measured in MS (Milliseconds) and at least on our server we will show your MS of ping on the right hand side in a Scoreboard

    the way MS is measured is when you send something to the server how long it took to get there, and get a response back saying OK. And normally HIGH MS means you are further away from where the server is.
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    Great explaination!