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The server will be closed after 23:00 (GMT +1) and will be reopened at 06:00-08:00 (GMT +1).

Just an update, nothing will change in-game.
We've made a place at spawn where players are able to sell or buy their items! At the moment it is only possible for the ranks Mystic and Legend to hire shops at /shops. You can hire one shop at a time and it does cost $50 in-game currency per 5 days. Every player at Skyblock is able to teleport to that specific shop using /shop<number>. We've also moved the servershop to that place, which is accessible using the /servershop command, or you could take a walk from the spawn to have a beautiful view of the clear sky :)

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-02 om 23.36.33.png
The last days we've improved our capacity to have 100+ players online in survival! We're pleased to tell you that our services are from now on almost lagg-free and we are trying to keep it that way :)

The website is also been launched this week, but we're still configuring and improving our services so it is possible that not every topic/thread/etc. has been made yet. Of course are we doing our best to make these topics as quick as possible!

Have a nice day,