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Hallo allemaal. voor de mensen die al lang naar spullen zitten te zoeken.
Je kunt nu terecht bij /vr timber.
Met keuze uit meer dan 108 items. Je kan hier komen voor Hout, Steen, Dirt/grass, 14 soorten Clay,
Alle sandstone soorten, Alles vanaf een zeetempel, Bloemetjes, Farming spullen, Alle 7 soorten grond stoffen zowel in normale vorm als in Ore vorm En 14 Verschillende soorten Redstone Items.
En op ten duur gaat er meer komen.

Hopelijk zie ik je snel bij /vr timber

:D 2017-04-23_02.33.08.png 2017-04-23_02.32.46.png
We've made a place at spawn where players are able to sell or buy their items! At the moment it is only possible for the ranks Mystic and Legend to hire shops at /shops. You can hire one shop at a time and it does cost $50 in-game currency per 5 days. Every player at Skyblock is able to teleport to that specific shop using /shop<number>. We've also moved the servershop to that place, which is accessible using the /servershop command, or you could take a walk from the spawn to have a beautiful view of the clear sky :)

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-02 om 23.36.33.png
AquaCraft Skyblock is now available on the following IP address:
In a few days it will be play.aquacraft.eu, same as the survival server. Enjoy!
The last days we've improved our capacity to have 100+ players online in survival! We're pleased to tell you that our services are from now on almost lagg-free and we are trying to keep it that way :)

The website is also been launched this week, but we're still configuring and improving our services so it is possible that not every topic/thread/etc. has been made yet. Of course are we doing our best to make these topics as quick as possible!

Have a nice day,